Who are we

The Show U Fleků producer is Top Culture agency, founded in 2009, since when it strives to provide access to highest quality art and bring joy to life. Our entire team loves theater, music and fine arts, and culture in general. Our audience is comes first. And above all, we enjoy our work!

Artistic team

Dalibor Zurinek, Artistic Director, Co-Writer

After studies at Prague Conservatory and Universität Mozarteum in Slazburg in the field of bass, new media and sound design, Dalibor devoted his career to bass playing, sound directing and DJ. Since 2008, he has been the concert master of the double bass section in the Chamber Orchestra Salzburg Chamber Soloists. He founded Technophobix Duo that is officially sponsored by Yamaha Instruments.

Between y.2005 – y.2009 he worked as a Sound Design and New Media Assistant at the Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg.

In 2011-12 he was a concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra bass section in Toledo, Spain. Since 2012, he is the artistic director at TOP CULTURE agency (Mozart Dinner, Show u Fleků, Beer & Folklore Show). He is also a composer and writes musical arrangements.

Otakar Faifr, Script Editor and Co-Writer

Longterm he worked in the major theaters in Prague, as the Head of Sales and Production in Prague Municipal Theatres or ‘Theater in Dlouhá’. He is chairman of the civic association ProNáchod and founding member of the theater Geisslers Hofcomoedianten, where he engages as actor, screenwriter and editor. He is also actively involved in film screenwriting; he participated on the script for the feature films “The Chosen One” and “I love you to double.” For his independent films he has won numerous festival awards. Currently,  he produces a documentary about prominent Czech actress Luba Skořepová, in cooperation with Czech Television.

František K. Tomášek, Bandleader, Music Arrangements

Born in 1985 in Prague. Already in early childhood he was interested in the songs of dubious quality, including those that deal with alcohol or other of immorality. But quietly he studied at the art school in his almost native Nusle, then the Prague Conservatory, where he sift his playing on accordion with different artificial melodies. He completed the Conservatory first time in 2006, the second time (in composition major) in 2010. Still, the songs described above very much interested him, then gradually he fell for jazz, swing and French chanson. In chanson repertoire he gained most experience in a keyboard and accordion orchestra PRAKO and also in various inns, when opportunity arose.

After an unlucky career as a teacher in the music school (1 year at Stodůlky, half a year in Příbram and 1 year in Lysá nad Labem) he began to fully devote himself to music, especially the old Prague šraml Repertoire. Since 2010, he is a member of the Prague Fairground Orchestra, from 2011 member of the band Rusty circle (rusty circle is what you see when you look from above into a pint of half drunk and slightly stale beer), from 2012, member of Feather in The Cap, acting on various locations within Czech Republic. Other band activity: 2010 - 2015 Rudovous, since 2010 Totems (the only band playing hard-tramp style), since 2005 L 'Arrache-coeur, since 2009 Jull Dajen, since 2010 in a duo with Victoria Dugranpere (French Chanson), from 9 April 2009 in the early morning hours a co-founder of The Sebučedos, from 2012 in the band at the theater BodyVoiceBand wher in parallel Bizarre Band arose. From 2013 he is accordionist in Show U Fleků, since 2015 arranger and bandleader since 2016, ibid. Sometimes anything even anywhere else, what comes up.