Show U Fleků offers a sequence of well-known traditional Prague and international songs, two dance entrances, humorous skit and beer competition performed by 2 brilliant singers, 2 beautiful Cancan dancers and 4 excellent musicians.

Do you like live band music? Do you like fun? Are you a lover of traditional Czech pubs and top quality beer? Do you have an idea how it happens at a traditional Prague Music Show? Have you ever visited the famous one Dinner Show U Fleků?

If you are worth answering these questions, you are the right person to visit the traditional Prague Music Dinner Show U Fleků!

Show U Fleků is traditional Prague music dinner show, which lasts for about 70 minutes and is intended for both, Czech and international audience.



  Songs From The Poisoned Hut  
   Beer Lamentoso Beer hymn
   Landšturmáček - A World War I. Soldier Folk song   
   The Song of an Old Tom-Cat K. Hašler
   Speeding Train to Prague Old Prague song
   I have got a Girl from Odkolek K. Hašler   

  Flek Dancers   
   We dance Charleston in Prague 

  Small Opera Surprise     
   The Barber of Seville - "Largo al Factotum"
G. Rossini   


Jazz Not Only from the New World
   Bei Mir Bist Du Shein S. Secunda 
   When I Was Girl V. Chrbolková 

  The Most Beautiful Hašler's and Old Prague Songs  
   I´ve got Gramophone at Home K. Hašler 
   To Whom Belongs Prague?! To Us! K. Hašler
   At Pankrác Old Prague song
   Beer competition  
   Folks, I like Beer Old Prague song  
   Prague - the Heart of Europe K. Hašler
  Hits From Prague Cabarets and Revues

   Monti Czardas (Instrumental) V. Monti 
   Hava Nagila  folk song  
   Cancan  J. Offenbach  
   Maestros Musicians  K. Hašler 
  The organizer reserves the right to make any changes in the program, performers and time.