Brewery & restaurant u Fleků

PivovarThe first written reference with respect to the U Fleků brewery dates back to 1499, when the building was purchased by Vít Skřemenec, a malt house owner. (Columbus discovered America in 1492.) The U Fleků brewery is the only brewery in Central Europe which has been brewing beer for 500 years. When communists came to power, the business was nationalized and after the fall of the communist regime the restaurant and the brewery were returned to the original owners in 1991, the Brtník family.

The atmosphere of the ancient house is accentuated by wall decorations and stylish equipment of individual pub rooms and lounges. Each of them has its own name and unique history.

Cabaret hall with a capacity of almost 200 seats is a residence of Kabaret U Fleků. The Academy hall is famous for 19th century personalities of Czech culture meetings, Václavka for colorful grisaille glass windows, The Sausage Hall for its gothic arches ceiling and the Knight’s Hall was renovated and furnished in the Romantic style.

PivovarThe building, where the U Fleků restaurant can be found, has a rich history – and its presence is just as rich. Some will always treat it as a pilgrim’s place for beer fans from Prague and the whole country; whereas other people will consider it to be a major point of interest for tourists; definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic and surely the most famous pub in Prague.

Restaurant U Fleků boasts excellent traditional Czech cuisine.

Note the bear character in front of the restaurant at the clock U Fleku. The name Brtník means subspecies of brown bear that is why The Brewery and Restaurant U Fleků hasve this animal in its emblem.

Another major symbol is historical clock that you can see on the restaurant building, as well as directly above the stage in the Cabaret Hall. Each clock has a specific inscription. The one over the stage says “Kabaret U Fleku” and the one the building “God Bless You” and “U Fleku Brewery”.